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Lane Electric Company offers a wide variety of electrical outlet & light fixtures solutions with quality and safety in mind.

If you believe that installing a new electrical outlet in or around your home is an easy weekend DIY job you may want to rethink your opinion. There are good reasons why licensed electricians have to go to school to be certified. For one thing, a local electrician like Lane Electric knows city and state codes.

What you need to know about electrical outlets

First you need to know whether what you are using is for a standard 120 volt home outlet. Some appliances, like hot tubs, call for a larger capacity. Replacing an outlet can certainly be simpler than creating a new outlet. How much do you know about your electrical panel? Is there a free circuit? How do you determine if your panel will hold the new outlet? Do you know enough to keep you and members of your family from being shocked or electrocuted? It seems exaggerated, but unintentional shocks have happened.

Wiring for your new light fixture

If you go into a hardware store or home improvement store you will be amazed at the number of different wires that are sold. The each have a place and purpose in your home. Did you know that copper wires have been determined to be the best in today’s environment?

When you want to replace or upgrade electrical outlets, the smart thing to do is let a licensed professional do it. It will be done safely, efficiently and correctly.

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